2019 Collaborations: Motteo “Touch Me”

“Touch Me” is the second single off of I’m Desperate For You by Motteo

As described by the artist, “Maybe you know this pattern as well as I do: you go out on countless dates and happy hours and house parties and coffees for months/years and yet you still go home alone feeling unwanted. Eventually, you settle for dispirited promiscuity with someone you’ve met online.  The modern dating cycle. Anyway, these songs are a sort of articulation of that loneliness and angst. I’d call it the modern deficit of intimacy.”

Music and Lyrics: Motteo

Produced by: Devin Arne & Motteo

Vocals Recorded by: Devin Arne & Josh Guinta

Mixed by: Billy Centenaro

Mastered by: Bob Power

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