In Place (Binaural Mix)

In Place is an exploration of the sounds of home and the mental states that arise from being sheltered in place. The source material for the piece is recordings of pots, glasses, running water, and a dog barking at a broom. These familiar sounds are then altered in both size and texture. A major theme explored is the transformation of states of matter: solids become liquid, and liquids become frozen and crystalline. Through the (d)evolution of sounds, In Place explores the constant flux of perception of the external world and the internal worlds of thought, memory, and daydreams.

I recorded all sounds using a stereo pair of Røde M5 microphones. I used GRM Tools plugins, Spear, and RX to edit and process the sound creating a folder of sonic assets that I used to construct the piece. The piece was arranged and mixed using Reaper, IEM Ambisonic plugins. In Place follows a palindromic form based around material: ceramic, glass, water, straw/animal, water, glass, ceramic.

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