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Mobile Pro-Tools Recording Studio

ART TPS 2 PreAmp
Samson S Com+ Compressor
Digidesign 003 Rack
Universal Audio Apollo Twin
Software: Pro Tools 11 & 10, Logic Pro 9, Ableton Live 9
AudioTechnica AT4040 Wide Diaphragm Condenser
Samson C02 Stereo Pair Pencil Condenser
Oktava ML 52 Ribbon Mics (2)
SM 57
Sure Beta 52
CAD Dynamic Drum Microphone Set (x5)
4 x 50 foot cables
4 x 25 foot cables
sE Reflexion Filter Pro (Portable Vocal Booth)
Mic Stands – Tripod Telescopic Boom, Round Base, Low-Profile Round Base


“Working with Devin has simply been a great experience. With his high level of professionalism and more than reasonable prices, he made music that I literally recorded in my basement next to a washer and dryer sound studio quality. Simply put, it is a must to consider working with Devin when mixing and mastering home recordings. I look forward to continuing our collaboration on future projects.”
-Anthony Moscatello (The White Elephants)

“Devin has always added a professional aspect to my music. In working with him on Senioritis, he added instrumental parts to our tracks that cemented a professional and unique sound. His knowledge of the industry was also a helpful resource. Overall, it was a great experience. I give Devin Arne the utmost recommendation, and encourage others to use him as a producer and engineer.”
-Dylan Owen

“It doesn’t matter how good of a writer I am if people can’t take my music seriously. I wanted my first album to sound professional, and Devin made that possible for me. But it’s not only about the mixing, what was great about working with Devin is that he helped me find what sounded best. He was patient, thoughtful, and more importantly open to feedback. He worked with me, offering his insight and own perspective to the project but also respected mine. A lot of my sound is influenced by Devin’s understanding and mastery of music, I couldn’t recommend him more!”
-Kia Rogers