I had a great time working with director Mo Farmawy on his short film, “Ordinary World”. The film was created in  association with the MasrdotBokra Short Film Festival. Mo, the Festival’s artistic director, produced the film in under a week, following the same guidelines that the festivals submissions must follow.

Working with Mo we selected five of my compositions from my library that fit the fun and whimsical mood of the film.

The film follows a young superhero who’s job is taking over her personal life.

The film can be seen on Vimeo. Hope you enjoy!


Here is a recent example of my composition work for branded video content. Maureen Data is a great NYC based technology company. The video is featured on the ‘about’ page of their website and serves to introduce potential clients to Maureen Data systems work, philosophy and people.


Here are some video clips of some of my recent performances with Dylan Owen. Both of the shows were put together by Sofar Sounds, a global music event company that puts together unique and intimate shows.

Dylan is a long time friend and musical collaborator. Recently, we have been performing some all acoustic sets with a live setup of acoustic guitar, violin, upright bass and drums.

Enjoy the video’s and make sure to check out my Facebook and Twitter for details on upcoming performances.


Season 3 of MTV Canada’s “Grand Benders” Available online for streaming. Here are the links to clips from Episodes 2 and 4 that use my track “Endless Summer”. Enjoy!


“Endless Summer” is featured prominently from 5:58-7:15.



“Endless Summer” is featured from :22 to around 1:37



Here are some of the tracks from my May 22nd DJ set,  from the Studio Six Point Six launch party at the Ugly Kitchen in NYC. I’m looking forward to doing some more DJ gigs in the New York area soon. Check out the playlist, and ‘follow me’ on Spotify if you like what you hear.

Heineken Singapore has used the track “Raise The Temperature” by Devin Arne and the track Golden Sky by Timofey Reznikov in their new Branded Film, Sunrise Powered by Dance. The film promotes the Zoukout Music Festival, an encourages moderate drinking.

From The Heineken Singapore YouTube Page: “Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers. To encourage fans to pace their drinking, #HeinekenSG got them dancing till daybreak at Singapore’s most iconic outdoor dance music event. The reward? Welcoming the #HeinekenSunrise, a spectacular finale powered by dance.”