Solaris for Wind Ensemble and Electronics (2019)

Solaris, for Wind Ensemble and Electronics, features processed NASA field recordings and various configurations of brass, winds, and percussion.  The piece was performed in November 2019 by the ASU Wind Ensemble, conducted by Justin Hubbard. Solaris is a series of interconnected musical portraits of the solar system, focusing on the unique physical properties of each of the planets and the sun. The processed field-recordings and the live instrumental parts of Solaris are conceptualized as being part of a unified sonic mass. In the composition process, I carefully selected instruments for each of the planets, focusing on the interplay of the NASA sounds and instruments, avoiding the paradigm of instrumental melody and electronic accompaniment. In performance, the blend of musical instruments and electronics was crucial to the execution of the piece. Working closely with Dr. Garth Paine, I positioned six loudspeakers around the perimeter of the ensemble, projecting upward into the bandshell. The speaker setup enabled the electronic sounds to mesh with the sound of the Wind Ensemble thoroughly. 

Ableton Live Playback Patch, All scenes are cued using standard laptop keyboard.
A Separate Mix with a click-track and count-in is sent to the conductor.
Screenshot from the score, final movement “Helios”